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GP Gliders UK consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced glider pilots.

Shaun Lapworth


Shaun is the owner of the well-known NAVboys business, supplying glider instrumentation and other services to the soaring community in the UK and Europe. He’s been a glider pilot for twelve years, having come from a solid background as a world-level competitive windsurfer and then yachtsman. He has all three diamonds and is currently competing at national level, flying both in the club,18M and Open classes.


Due to Shaun’s involvement with running NAVboys, his role with GP Gliders UK is the day to day management of the business.



G Dale


G is the author of the Soaring Engine series of gliding text books. He started flying gliders at the age of twenty and has spent his whole life following the sport. He became a professional instructor in 1989, working at Lasham, Nympsfield, Booker and for the BGA in a variety of roles including club manager, CFI and National coach. He’s also spent much of the last twenty years flying the winter seasons in either Australia or New Zealand, notching up a significant amount of experience in both pure cross country coaching and mountain flying training. He’s currently based at Lasham, and campaigning a Standard Libelle with the GB team.

As the most senior instructor and soaring pilot in the GP Gliders UK team, G’s role is “anything to do with flying them”: training, flight testing and demonstration.




Luke Dale


Luke started flying at the tender age of eleven with G and Annie at Lasham. He went solo at sixteen and worked quickly to his Silver badge within 2 months. Since then he’s been constantly involved in aviation, either professionally or as a sport: he was a member of the GB junior team for two world championships and has stayed within the industry, by managing the commercials for Boeing heavy maintenance and with Vertigo Covers. He now runs his own business, Vertigo Aviation Detailing and in his spare time he fly’s his Std Cirrus.

Luke brings his business and gliding skills to the GP Gliders UK project and is our initial contact point for new enquiries.




Ann Laylee


Annie is a long term glider pilot: she started at Bicester with the RAFGSA. She has since owned several gliders and has covered a great deal of cross country flying since and most recently chief tug pilot for Glide Omarama, a position that she held for many years. Since then Annie doesn’t need much convincing to fly powered aircraft, towplanes and gliders whenever possible.

Her professional background is in design and marketing and not surprisingly her role within GP Gliders UK is marketing and client relations.




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