Development schedule

The GP 11 Pulse has been flying for some time, whereas the GP14 at the time of writing is still in the test flying stage and the prototype of the GP 15 is still in the workshop. This implies that some of the production details are still to be finalised and the performance figures given are largely calculated and not yet tested. However we expect to be flying a GP14 demonstrator by the middle of next season (mid-2017) and will keep this page up to date with the latest developments as they occur.



Base price in Euros excluding VAT:

GP11 Pulse 43,000

GP14 Velo 82,900

GP15 Jeta 93,900

GP11 trailer 12,900

GP14 / 15 trailer 14,900


Licensing and certification

At present it is expected that the GP14 will be certified in the UK as an SSDR (single seat deregulated microlight.) This also meets the definition of a self launching sailplane. Therefore either the LAPL (S) or EASA SPL (with valid self launch or TMG privileges) are required. This is straightforward to obtain within the gliding club environment.

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